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Renewable Energy – Energy from untreated industrial and domestic waste water

Through its subsidiary WINDFORSS ENERGY, WING participates in the design, installation and management of sustainable energy solutions. These solutions will embrace geoenergy, solar energy and bio energy. Visit Windforss Energy on

A unique feature of WINDFORSS ENERGY’s business concept is that based on the patented technology of the North American Group - International Waste Water Systems – marketed under the brand name SHARC Energy Systems.

WINDFORSS ENERGY has been awarded the exclusive marketing rights for the SHARC ENERGY SYSTEM in the Nordic countries.

The SHARC technology is a patented solution and unique in its capacity to separate solid and liquid ingredients in industrial and domestic waste water coupled to the temperature enhancing and recycling of this thermal energy.

For example, industrial thermal energy in waste water can be removed of all solid matter, the energy enhanced with an integral heat pump solution and the heat recycled through a built-in heat exchanger. This process generates enormous energy and greenhouse gas savings in a wide spectrum of industrial processes.

The SHARC technology is internationally deployed in the extraction of thermal energy from untreated waste water in sewage systems. This energy can either form the basis of an independent heating, cooling and hot water installation for buildings or building clusters or form part of a city-wide district heating and cooling systems. 

SHARC can be used in a stand-alone application or, in larger  projects, combined with geoenergy or other sustainable energy solutions to enhance the capacity or facilitate seasonal energy storage.

SHARC is delivered as a complete module to the site of operation and, thereafter, complemented with on site civil and mechanical works ro provide a turnkey energy solution.

Within the Nordic Region Windforss Energy acts in partnership with Veolia to provide large-scale turnkey solutions often coupled to system management, project financing and ESCO solutions.

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