Windborne, Stockholm Innovation Park



Windborne International is constantly proactively engaged in Programmes designed to stimulate research and development and to promote entrepreneurship in industry and society.

Windborne strive to identify those areas capable of yielding the most worthwhile and durable results as seen from a commercial, environmental and social viewpoint. In practice this process involves the performance of extensive ground work, or 'pre-programme' activities to define the focus, scope and content of the Programme. This often involves a close collaboration with international industry, academic and research institutions and public bodies.

The subsequent financing of the programmes is a vital component in Windborne International's efforts. To secure financing, the Programme must be professionally developed, the primary goals identified and the benefits to the participating financiers clearly defined.

Typical Programmes

A typical Programme has been the development of predictive models quantifying the relationship between the Property Cycle and the National Economy. This model is today deployed by industry to predict property industry fluctuations and, not least, to avoid a repeat of the colossal negative implications imparted by the various property (and related financial) crashes over the past 30 years.

Other programmes have been the establishment of Programmes related to the future development of the international Bio Energy industry and the deployment of bio energy in society, the development of synergy-inducing Environmentally-driven Industrial Clusters, the development of Multi-Modal Logistical Centres to rationalise industrial logistics and to facilitate the introduction of environmentally-friendly transport systems in Europe.

Coining innovative developmental ideas is both a cornerstone and a fascinating part of Windborne International's activities. However, our role as implementers of these ideas is equally important and is a role we give highest priority.

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