UK Bioenergy Projects


Windborne International AB and its associates began the development of bioenergy and biofuel production projects in 1998, resulting in the execution of a number of important consultancy assignments with UK public and private sector organisations.

Windborne also initiated and developed a major cluster of specialist Nordic companies and organisations in the bioenergy sector, offering a complete package of solutions to the growing UK bioenergy sector.

Consultancy Assignments

Industrial and Large Public Sector Projects 2007

During 2007 work continued on developing bioenergy opportunities within the industrial and public sectors in the East Midlands, the most active of the UK's Regions.

Windborne established a partnership with ABB CHP based in Stone, Staffordshire, and Silvigen based at Drax Power Station, near Goole. ABB are experts in industrial CHP and Silvigen are biofuel processors supplying about 250 000 tons of biofuel for co-firing at Drax.

Together it has been possible to develop contacts with over 10 major industrial clients, such as Toyota, Hanson Building Materials and Rolls-Royce. A number of pre-feasibility studies were executed that showed the benefits of converting industrial processes from gas or oil to biomass and developing CHP systems to produce electricity on-site.

Working with ReNU to Develop Medium-Scale Bioenergy Projects 2005-2006

Windborne and our specialist sub-consultant Energkonsult from Kalmar were engaged by ReNU, based in the East Midlands, on 12 Feasibility Studies during 2005-2006. The clients ranged from across a broad spectrum of the private and public sectors, and included the following:

Ampleforth College in Yorkshire
Welbeck Abbey
North Kesteven School & Sports Centre/Robert Pattinson School
Center Parcs - Sherwood Village
Riseholme Park - University of Lincoln
Hyperlast Ltd
Belvoir Castle
Harewood House
Thoresby Estate
Kingsmill Hospital
Jaguar/Land Rover Vehicle Development Centre
Aston Martin Gaydon Factory
The results of the Feasibility Studies showed that the UK market varies from Sweden in that network installation costs in the UK are very high and that fossil fuel prices were at the level where a simple conversion to biomass was economically viable.

Action Plan for the Development of Bioenergy in the East Midlands

In 2003, Windborne executed a major strategy document for the East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA), with financial support from The Countryside Agency, The Forestry Commission, The National Forest, and with the participation of Nottinghamshire County Council and The Carbon Trust.

The work resulted in a number of important actions, including the initiation of a vocational training scheme, the development of a conversion programme for schools, hospitals and other public sector end-users (coal is still used extensively in the Region and will be replaced with biofuels), private sector demonstration projects and the production of local biofuels (pellets, briquettes and chips).

Vocational Bioenergy Training

Windborne has, together with its partner PERA, been awarded a 2-year vocational training programme (a roll-out from the above Action Plan) for engineers, technicians, planners and tradesmen in the heating and ventilation sector in the East Midlands .

Work commenced at the end of 2003 and 30 delegates will take part in the programme. The course material is being developed with Växjö University and a bioenergy boiler is being supplied as part of the practical training for the project by Natur Energi of Kilafors in Sweden .

Biomass Action Plan for the North East of England , 2003

Windborne collaborated with TNEI on the production of a development strategy for One Northeast, the Regional Development Agency. Work is now underway to commence the actions recommended in the Report.

Study to Assess the Viability of Co-firing at TXU's Power Stations

Windborne led a team including VTS from Sweden and Woodland Solutions from the UK to assess whether or not High Marnham, Drakelow and Ironbridge coal-fired power stations in the Midlands could be co-fired using wood powder.

The Report showed that co-firing could be achieved using both local and international biofuels with a minimum of capital investment. Current UK legislation is mitigating against the rapid development of this sector, although easements are expected to be brought in during early 2004.

Anglo - Nordic Bioenergy Partnership

Windborne International has assembled a cluster of bioenergy equipment producers and service organisations able to supply every part of a successful bioenergy project.

Many of the organisations participating in the cluster have successfully completed projects abroad and are actively searching for business opportunities in the UK .

Projects ranging in size from the installation of domestic pellet stoves to co-firing coal-fired power stations with wood powder can be dealt with. There are also public sector organisations available to discuss the structures and mechanisms that Sweden has successfully developed to stimulate the bioenergy sector.

The following companies and organisations are members of the Anglo-Nordic Bioenergy Partnership:

Branch organisations:

Swedish Bioenergy Association (Svebio)
Pellet Manufacturers Association (PIR)
SBBA (Swedish Boiler and Burner Association)
Wood Fuel Association (Träbränsleföreningen)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Energy consultants and designers of bioenergy systems

ÅF - Processdesign
Contact: Martin Gierow, Project Manager, Bioenergy
F. Larsons Konstruktionsbyrå (FLK)
Scandinavian Energy Project (SEP)

Designers and manufacturers of burners and boilers up to 30MW. Turnkey or part deliveries, including material handling and storage equipment

Värmeteknisk Service (VTS)
TPS Termiska Processor
Saxlunds International
Järnforsen Energi Sysytem
KMW Energi
Alstom Power

Domestic pellet and chip boilers for households and schools, 6-250 kW

Janfire SBS
NE Naturenergi

Refined biofuel production equipment


Safety: fire, burn-back warning and purging systems


Flue gas cleaning and dust extraction

Alstom Smart Line
JM Stoftteknik

Bio-fuel producers (pellets, briquettes)

Skellefteå Kraft
Svensk BrikettEnergi
Råsjö Torv
Sävsjö Tråbränsle/Graninge Energi
IQR Solutions

Computer modelling of combustion and emissions


Education, training, combustion engineering R&D

Växjö University

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