Manchester International Stadium and Sports Centre

Windborne-PSW have through the PSW Group, acted as Project Managers. Developmental Managers and/or financial consultants in to following Sports Centre Projects: GlaxoSmithKline
  • The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham - Contract value 53 Million Pounds.
  • The Sheffield International Arena - Contract value 33 Million Pounds.
  • The National Cycling Centre in Manchester - Contract value £11 Million Pounds.
  • The Glasgow Millenium Arena - Contract Value 57 Million Pounds.
  • The Belfast Millenium Arena - Contract Value 25 Million Pounds.
  • The new Stadium and Sports Complex for Yorkshire Cricket Club - Estimated cost 50 Million Pounds.
  • The new Stadium for The CITY of Manchester which hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games - Contract Value 125 Million Pounds

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